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If you have been charged with a federal crime or are being investigated by a federal agency for criminal activity in the greater St. Louis area, you will need an attorney who is licensed to practice in federal court. Since law school, Attorney Brent Labovitz has focused only on criminal defense matters. Whether it was working in a well-respected Chicago, Illinois criminal defense firm or in the Missouri Public Defender's Office, he has spent his career helping those charged with serious crimes. He uses his knowledge of the criminal justice system where it is needed most, when you are facing federal charges. In order to produce a positive outcome in your case, an experienced St. Louis criminal defense attorney from the firm will need to go to work immediately on your behalf. If you are convicted for a federal crime, the punishments may be mandatory and are commonly much harsher than for similar offenses on a state level. The firm can provide dedicated legal representation in such cases.

Federal Crime Attorney in St. Louis

State crimes are those which violate state laws. Usually, the offense is contained within the state's boundaries. When a crime is committed throughout more than one state, crosses a state line, is committed on federal property, or is specifically listed as a federal offense, it is investigated by federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, DEA, State Department and others. It is then prosecuted in federal courts and that is why an attorney who is authorized to practice in this arena is vital. Federal criminal procedures differ from those in state courts and the judges use federal sentencing guidelines in calculating punishment for serious crimes. Each crime is given a basic value with points added and subtracted according to the specific facts of the case.

Federal offenses make up over 100 categories of crimes. These include various types of white collar crimes such as fraud or federal drug offenses such as manufacturing and trafficking. Sex crimes like child pornography, federal conspiracy charges, espionage, immigration law violations, kidnapping, money laundering, tax crimes, terrorism and more also fall under federal jurisdiction. Federal criminal investigators and prosecutors are among the toughest of their peers, with access to the full resources of the federal government. Because of the gravity of being prosecuted for a federal crime, you will need an aggressive defense lawyer who will look for and exploit any weak point in a prosecutor's case. By discussing your case with a lawyer from the firm, you can be confident that it will be in knowledgeable and determined hands.

Contact a St. Louis federal crime lawyer from the firm to find out how the tough penalties for federal crimes can be avoided or lessened.

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