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Traffic Offenses in St. Louis

As a former lead counsel for the Missouri Public Defender's Office, Attorney Brent Labovitz has extensive knowledge of all sides of the criminal justice system. His experience allows him to work well with prosecutors, judges and other authorities to favorably settle criminal charges and other violations of the law from traffic offenses up to serious charges involving DWI and many others. In the case of traffic offenses, what you don't know about the law may definitely come back to hurt you. Instead of ignoring or just paying your citation or traffic ticket, it can pay to have them resolved by a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer from the firm.

Fundamentally, you are pleading guilty to a traffic offense when you pay your ticket directly. This can bring about the same repercussions as if you were found guilty in a court of law. Moving violations such as speeding and other traffic offenses are reported automatically to the Missouri Driver License Division and these are kept track of using a point system. That is where the trouble can begin. Click here for examples of moving violations and the points associated with them.

Traffic Tickets and Your Driving Record

If you accumulate too many points against your driving record, your driving privileges can be suspended or revoked. For those who drive commercial vehicles, this can threaten your livelihood. Driving with a suspended license can result in misdemeanor or felony charges and 12 points on your record. Points that add up can also lead to higher insurance premiums on your vehicles and specific violations can result in your having to serve time in jail.

The firm aggressively pursues the most favorable solutions that can be reached in traffic offense cases. In some instances, negotiations with a prosecutor can result in a positive decision in your case without having to go to trial. If a trial is needed, the firm can utilize this to fight on your behalf in front or a judge or jury. If you have outstanding tickets, the firm works to see that these are taken care of with minimum impact to your driving record and without you having to take time away from your job. Work that is done now can prevent you money and troubles in the future.

Contact a St. Louis traffic ticket attorney to find out how resolving outstanding tickets and citations now can save money and complications later.

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