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Municipal Offenses in St. Louis

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Attorney Brent Labovitz is a dedicated lawyer who practices exclusively in the field of criminal defense. He is fully versed in state and municipal law and is familiar with the local court systems that process these cases. He has experience in a vast number of criminal defense matters as he has concentrated his entire career on defending those arrested and charged with serious crimes. Since graduating law school, he worked for a well-respected criminal defense firm in Chicago, Illinois and then worked for the Missouri Public Defender's Office.

If you have been cited for a municipal offense in St. Louis, it is important that you seek professional legal representation to fight the charges. Municipal offenses include traffic offenses, DWI or DUI, driving with a revoked or suspended license, reckless driving, possession of drugs, assault, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, or other violations against city or county regulations. To give yourself the best defense in these situations, you should consult with a St. Louis municipal offense attorney from the firm to discuss the facts and circumstances of your situation. The matter can be reviewed and evaluate d and you can be advised of your legal rights and the proper course of action that should be taken.

Points Assessed on Your Driving Record

In the case of traffic violations and traffic tickets, your offense may result in points assessed to your driving record. Examples of points accrued from such violations include 12 points for driving with a revoked or suspended license, 4 points for failure to produce an insurance identification card and 1 point for failing to stop at a stop sign. 2 points will be assessed for speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, failing to stop at a traffic signal, impaired driving and for committing a prohibited U turn. A traffic ticket may not, at first, appear to be a serious offense. With fines, increased insurance premiums, loss of your driving privileges and time in jail as possible consequences, it is vital that traffic violations be properly resolved and not allowed to accumulate.

You may wish to fight your traffic citation or other municipal offense; it is your legal right to do so. With the help of the firm, you may be able to avoid a conviction along with any adverse repercussions.

Contact a St. Louis municipal offense lawyer if you need committed legal representation in fighting a municipal offense.

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