White Collar Crimes

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What are white collar crimes?

Weeks, months or even years go into investigating white collar crimes. With the amount of time that an investigatory agency puts into developing a case, you can be certain that if you are charged, the agency and prosecutors involved will do all possible to see that you are found guilty. In order to safeguard your liberties, it is urgent that you retain an experienced St. Louis criminal defense lawyer as soon as you suspect that there may be an investigation into your activities. Attorney Brent Labovitz has spent his entire career defending individuals accused of criminal actions. From his time working for a respected Chicago criminal defense law firm to serving as a lead counsel in hundreds of criminal cases as a Missouri Public Defender, he has focused strictly on protecting individuals rights.

The term "white collar crime" normally refers to an offense which contains no threat or use of force or violence. Corporate executives, businessmen and other types of professionals are what one commonly thinks of as connected to this sort of crime. Any individual can, however, be charged with a white collar crime. Crimes such as bank fraud, various computer crimes, bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement, perjury, identity theft, bribery, obstruction of justice, counterfeiting, tax fraud and insider trading are all examples of white collar crimes. These can be prosecuted as either state or federal crimes.

St. Louis Lawyer Defending White Collar Crime Charges

You may not know that you are being investigated until state or federal authorities attempt to question you. In some cases, your first hint will be receipt of a grand jury subpoena. In either situation, your best option is to quickly contact a lawyer from the firm, before talking to anyone. Sometimes, investigators don't have all the information they need to make a case. A subpoena or investigator's questions are designed to get you to provide them with the data needed to complete their work. It is firmly urged that you answer no questions nor turn over any documents until a dedicated attorney from the firm has fully reviewed your situation.

When possible, the firm can work to stop the investigation against you in its tracks, before any charges are made. If you are being prosecuted, attorney Labovitz's experience can be used towards negotiating a favorable plea settlement for you. If your case must go to trial, the firm's knowledge as litigators can be utilized towards producing a verdict of "not-guilty." The stakes are high in a white collar crime case, frequently involving long terms of incarceration. Don't hesitate to get the legal help you need.

Immediately contact a St. Louis white collar crime attorney from the firm if you have been charged with a white collar crime or suspect you are being investigated for one.

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