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Defending Trafficking Charges

Of all drug crimes, charges involving trafficking are some of the most severely punished. If you or a loved one is being prosecuted for trafficking, you will need aggressive and experienced legal help. Attorney Brent Labovitz has dedicated his practice solely to assisting individuals accused of crimes. As a public defender, he was lead counsel on hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases. This experience allows him to view the defense of crimes from all sides. He has the know-how and experience to work with prosecutors to obtain improved plea agreements on behalf of clients.

When needed, he brings his proven criminal defense strategies to trial, towards producing the best outcomes possible. He is prepared, along with the group of attorneys he works with, to meet the challenge of defending you against your drug charges. In certain cases, drug trafficking will be prosecuted as a federal crime. This means that any investigation will be done by agencies such as the FBI or DEA and your case will be tried in federal court. The criminal procedures in these courts are different than at the state level and the punishments can be much more severe. A knowledgeable St. Louis criminal defense attorney from the firm is licensed to practice in federal courts and this will be a necessity if you are charged with a federal offense.

Conviction for a Drug Trafficking Offense

The crime of trafficking involves distribution, delivery, manufacture or production of various illegal drugs or even the attempt to do so. The drugs can be anything from heroin, cocaine, LSD or marijuana to methamphetamine and PCP. How you will be charged is dependent upon the drug or drugs you are accused of trafficking in and the amount of narcotics involved.

Trafficking can either be a Class A or B felony which will be determined by the specific circumstances of the crime. For a Class B felony, you can be imprisoned for a term of not less than 5 years and not more than 15. For conviction on a Class A felony, you can serve a term in prison of not less than 10 years, but not to exceed 30 years, or life imprisonment. With some Class A convictions, the sentence will be served without probation or parole. Your freedoms are at severe risk if you are found guilty of the crime of trafficking. By using an attorney from the firm, you greatly increase the possibility of a positive result in your case.

If you face prosecution for trafficking, immediately contact a St. Louis drug trafficking lawyer to learn how your freedoms can be protected.

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