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Part of our criminal justice system is the granting of probation as an alternative to time spent in jail or prison. While probation can be a less harsh punishment than incarceration, it comes with many restrictions and rules. Violation of any of these can result in tough penalties and the need to retain a proven St. Louis criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and freedoms. Attorney Brent Labovitz has spent his entire career focusing only on criminal defense, including assisting those accused of probation violations. His work as lead counsel in hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases for the Missouri Public Defender's Office allows him to work closely with prosecutors to negotiate less severe penalties for his clients. When you are charged with a probation violation, you will want a lawyer who can aggressively fight to maintain your liberties.

Common probation violations include missing a scheduled meeting with your probation officer or attempting to move, change jobs or leave the state without proper authorization. Normally, your probation will also have restrictions related to your original crime, such as limitations on alcohol use if you were arrested for a DWI. If you are arrested for a new crime or are found to be in association with known criminals, this will also be a probation violation. What occurs next in your case depends, to a great extent, on your probation officer and the attorney you have representing you.

Conviction for a Probation Violation

Frequently, if your offense is considered to be minor and/or it is your first violation, a probation officer can be convinced to let you off with a warning. If you have prior violations or your current one is thought to be a serious offense, your case can go to a judge for a decision. This is where having a lawyer with experience in criminal defense matters can really make a difference. Conviction of a probation violation can result in lengthening your sentence, adding more terms to your probation or having it taken away completely. You may have to serve time as the final outcome to your case.

When it is your turn to face the judge, the firm works hard to avoid the harsh penalties associated with probation violations. It is up to a probation officer to demonstrate that you violated your probation. If this can be creatively challenged, the consequences to you may be greatly reduced.

To prevent the harsh consequences of violating your parole, immediately contact a St. Louis probation violation attorney from the firm for help.

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