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Seeking Early Termination of Probation

If you or a loved one is currently on probation, it may be possible to have your probation terminated early. Attorney Brent Labovitz understands the entire criminal process due to his experience as a lead counsel for the Missouri Public Defender's Office. Not only is he able to negotiate with prosecutors for more advantageous plea offers and take a case to trial if necessary, he can also assist clients with early termination of probation if they are qualified. His practice of law is solely focused on criminal defense which gives his clients the benefit of his extensive knowledge on the subject. He has spent his entire career since law school defending people who have been charged with a crime.

The conditions and restrictions that are placed on a person when they are required to serve probation can be extremely burdensome and take a tremendous toll on their day-to-day life. For most misdemeanor cases, probation will last two years. In felony cases, probation can be a restriction on a person's life for five years. Call a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer at the firm today to see if you are eligible to have your probation terminated.

Petitioning for Probation Termination

In Missouri, a defendant that is on probation must petition the court to have his or her probation terminated prior to the full term being completed. It is solely the judge's discretion as to whether he wants to terminate a defendant's probation early. There are several factors that go into the judge's decision, and with the help of the firm, the judge can hear the best evidence as to why you should be granted an early probation termination. Probation can make it difficult for you to go to school, obtain a job or move out of state. Take effective action toward being able to get on with your life and begin planning for your future.

Contact a St. Louis probation termination attorney to find out if you are qualified to have your probation terminated early.

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