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Attorney Brent Labovitz has been helping individuals with criminal defense matters his entire career. After law school, he worked for a respected criminal defense law firm in Chicago, Illinois then became a public defender for the Missouri Public Defender's Office. There, he was lead counsel on hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. All of his attention is focused on obtaining the best outcome for his clients by utilizing the knowledge and experience he has gained throughout his successful career.

The state of Missouri has some of the toughest laws and penalties for drug crimes in the United States. This makes it a necessity to retain the services of a successful St. Louis criminal defense lawyer. For a simple marijuana possession charge, this is classified as a Class A misdemeanor and you can face a fine of up to $1000 and up to one year in jail. Being in possession of more than 35 grams of marijuana is classified as a Class C felony. Penalties include a fine of up to $5000 and a jail term not to exceed 7 years. You could also be charged with trafficking or distribution and sales, depending on the quantity of marijuana in your possession and other circumstances.

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The firm is here to protect your rights and see to it that you obtain the best defense possible. You may have been subjected to an illegal search and seizure by a law enforcement officer, which can assist in suppressing evidence against you. Other defense strategies can be formulated based on all of the specifics of your case. Every aspect will need to be thoroughly investigated to discover the most effective defense for you. You are innocent until proven guilty and deserve an attorney who is willing to fight the charges on your behalf.

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I would highly recommend Brent When feeling uncomfortable with the public defender in IL, I decided to seek additional information from Brent. I was impressed with Brent's knowledge and experience. I ended up firing my public defender (who was about to have me plead guilty) to hire Brent. After hiring Brent, we reviewed all of the details of my case. He immediately saw "red flags" and was able to investigate my case thoroughly, and in the end filed a motion to dismiss the case. My case was thrown out by the judge siding with Brent instead of the Attorney General from the state. In facing some significant charges, Brent was able to make me feel comfortable and I immediately thought I could trust his knowledge and experience to help me defend my rights in court. I knew he was fighting for me and could prove the charges were false. I would highly recommend Brent if you are need of a competent and professional lawyer to represent you
- Donald
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