Am I Eligible for Expungement?

Am I Eligible for Expungement?

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, big and small. But when something considered criminally minor – such as a nonviolent shoplifting misdemeanor – sits on a criminal record, it can negatively affect your life for years and years to come. Employers may turn away your application or you may be denied educational opportunities because of your lasting criminal record. When the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, you deserve justice.

Can I get rid of my criminal record?

In St. Louis, there are ways to clear your criminal record so it no longer damages your reputation. With proper preparation, you may try to get your record expunged – permanent removal, as if the offense never happened – or you can ask for closure – sealing records from public access. Although the end result of expungement may be very similar to that of closure, the processes can be altogether different.

More importantly, certain convictions are not eligible for either process. Circumstances of a crime or the crime itself may require that it remains on your criminal record indefinitely. If you are afraid your conviction will always remain on your Missouri or Illinois criminal record and is negatively affecting your life now, but you are not sure if it can be expunged, you should talk to Brent Labovitz, Attorney at Law at your earliest convenience. He will help you determine if expungement or closure are options for your criminal record, and if they are, he can assist you, step-by-step, in getting it done.

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