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Attorney Labovitz Weighs in On Jacque Waller Case

Attorney Labovitz was recently contacted and cited regarding the recent development in the Jacque Waller case on The Jackson, Missouri mother of triplets' remains were found on Wednesday, May 29th, and the murder trial against her husband may drastically change due to this development. Prosecutors already had Clay Waller charged with first-degree murder and two counts of tampering with evidence last year. According to the probable cause statement, Jacque's blood was found in a bathroom and hallway of Clay's home, and Clay had told police that Jacque suffered from a severe nose bleed.

The Cape Girardeau County Coroner's Office had yet to release autopsy results as of Friday. News Channel 5 contacted Attorney Labovitz for his opinions regarding the case. Although he is not affiliated with the Jacque Waller case, he stated that finding the body will definitely change the potential outcome of the case. Jacque's remains may benefit either side, depending on what the medical examiner rules her death as. Attorney Labovitz claimed that if the body implicated Clay any further, and contradicts his previous statements regarding his wife's disappearance, Clay's attorney may be seeking a plea bargain. He also stated Clay could have been the reason investigators found Jacque's body in the first place, meaning the prosecution and Clay's lawyer may have already determined a plea deal.

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