Just Your Average Citizen, ...

Just Your Average Citizen, Except With a Drug Charge

Drug crimes are looked at by many in a certain light and are expected to be committed by a particular kind of person. Rises in crimes are showing that what many expect to be true is not always the case. All types of people can find themselves dealing with a charge and one of these areas that it has been noted is through the increase in prescription drug crimes. Drug crimes have always been a prevalent issue that law enforcers look to defend against. It can cost substantial sums of money to pay for the negative impact it has on society, increasing their desire to put an end to it. With average citizens now joining the list of suspects, it can prove to be a more difficult task.

It is not only hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin that are illegal. When a drug is prescribed by a doctor and not used in the manner that they specified, then it can become illegal. This may be giving the drug to someone it was not prescribed to or using it incessantly. Some may commit prescription fraud, gaining a prescription illegally for a drug they do not need. Others move around to various doctors, getting multiple prescriptions that they plan to either use on their own or to sell. A common problem that is adding to the issue is prescription drug addiction. Patients are put on drugs by a doctor for a period of time, during recovery. It can be a pain killer to take the edge off after they have undergone surgery. They become reliant on these drugs for the relief it provides and other results.

It is estimated that around 20 percent of the population has taken prescription drugs without a medical reason for doing so. Some of the more commonly abused drugs include sedatives, narcotics and stimulants. It is increasingly easy to access drugs, allowing more and more individuals to gain drugs for illegal purposes. While experts are unsure of the exact causes of why there is a rise in prescription drug abuse, many believe it is a possible result of the availability. In addition to going to the doctor, many gain these prescription drugs through online ordering. Crime can include possession, possession with intent to distribute, forgery, distribution or trafficking. Depending on the type of involvement a person has with the drugs they will face a number of penalties under state law including jail time and high fines. If you are found with a prescription drug illegally, don't delay in contacting a St. Louis criminal lawyer from the firm to find out the ways they can defend you.


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