Withdrawal of a Guilty Plea

Withdrawal of a Guilty Plea

In certain circumstances a person can withdraw a guilty plea and get that final disposition set aside and try to get a different result on their case. This is possible in most cases, however it is only something that can be more easily accomplished in certain unique cases.

For example, If a person has already pleaded guilty to certain drug charges, such as marijuana possession or possession of drug paraphernaila, then it may be possible for an attorney to withdraw that person's guilty plea and negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor to have the drug charges reduced to a lesser offense.

The same may be true if a person has pleaded guilty to a traffic offense. If a person has pleaded guilty to a moving violation and had points added to their license they may be able to hire an attorney and withdraw the guilty plea and get the moving violation amended to a non-moving violation so that they will not have points added to their driving record.

However, in both types of situations mentioned above, if too much time has passed since the person has pleaded guilty, or if the person was represented by an attorney when they pleaded guilty then the judge of the court may not allow for the withdraw of the guilty plea.

For more information about withdrawing a guilty plea, or to see if your or eligible for this option contact a St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer at the firm today.

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