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Fighting for Your Rights at an Administrative Hearing

If you were charged with driving while intoxicated, license suspension is automatic. The arresting officer will have taken your driver's license and issued you a temporary one which will only be valid for 15 days. Attorney Brent Labovitz has dedicated his practice of law strictly to criminal defense matters. This allows him to concentrate solely on defending those in similar situations to yours. He was lead counsel on hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases as a Missouri Public Defender and has the experience you need in a St. Louis criminal defense attorney.

After your DWI charge, you have 15 days to request a hearing with the Department of Revenue. At this hearing, aggressive action must be taken to defend your right to your license. These hearings are very challenging and without an attorney by your side, your chances of retaining your driver's license are limited. It must be shown that you are in no way a danger to the public and that you can cope with the responsibility of driving. Your need to retain a license must also be proven. In Missouri, driving is not a right, it is a privilege, and that privilege can be revoked for long periods of time if you are not successful in fighting the suspension.

Keeping Your Driver's License Through the DWI Administrative Hearing

Not having your driver's license is not only inconvenient, it could adversely affect your ability to work, go to school, pick your children up and take care of day-to-day activities such as paying bills and grocery shopping. It is worth fighting for. Your Department of Revenue Administrative Hearing is a vital step in getting your full driving privileges back.

Please understand that this hearing is a civil matter and you will still have to challenge the criminal case against you. The firm can represent you in both civil and criminal defense cases. Time is of the essence so please act quickly in retaining Attorney Labovitz's services.

Contact a St. Louis DWI administrative hearing lawyer for aggressive representation at your Department of Revenue hearing.

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We truly appreciate all the hard work and support he put in the case Mr. Labovitz handled a criminal matter for a family member of ours. Our family member was facing many years in prison. Mr. Labovitz truly cared about the outcome of the case and fought diligently to make sure no stone was left unturned. We truly appreciate all the hard work and support he put in the case.
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